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            Chongqing Dazu mingchuang Agricultural Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd
            Chongqing Dazu mingchuang Agricultural Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd
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            Chongqing Dazu mingchuang Agricultural Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd

            It is an agricultural machinery production enterprise integrating R & D, manufacturing, production and sales. It mainly produces micro cultivator, micro cultivator accessories, diesel engine and its accessories, cutter assembly and its accessories, tire assembly and its accessories, walking box assembly and its accessories, covering parts and other micro cultivator series products. The micro cultivator has good performance, excellent quality, simple operation, complete supporting agricultural machines and tools, large power, low fuel consumption, complete functions and flexible operation. The company adheres to the enterprise spirit of unity, preciseness, integrity and innovation, follows the business philosophy of integrity first and considerate service, and wins the trust of users by relying on good reputation and considerate service. Wholeheartedly serve the majority of new and old users. Welcome new and old friends to visit and negotiate!!!Learn more about
            Product center
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            Diesel engine parts
            Chassis accessories
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            Address: Dazu District, Chongqing Longshui town
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